We are excited to meet with you and prepare your 2021 tax returns. To help you gather your information, we have uploaded the following forms and guides. You can print out the forms you need and enter the information, or you can use it as a reference. Of course, if we prepared your return the prior year, we won't need your basic data unless there have been changes. Once you have collected all of your W-2s, 1099s, 1098s, and other source documents, please call the office for an appointment to complete your tax returns. If you do not live in the East Valley, or prefer not to come in to the office, you may mail, fax or upload your information to our office through our portal.

Tax Organizer

Tax Organizer

Itemized Deductions

2021 Schedule A

Income & Expenses for Small Businesses

2021 Schedule C

Income & Expenses for Rental Properties

2021 Schedule E

Auto & Home Office Expense Worksheet

Auto and Home Office Expenses