Online Tax Prep

The services of a good tax and accounting professional will pay for itself throughout the years by ensuring that you maximize your refund and minimize your risk of an IRS audit. In most cases, we recommend that you have your tax returns prepared by a licensed tax professional. However, if your tax return is relatively simple (i.e. you don’t itemize), or if you don’t feel you can afford the services of a professional tax preparer, we have partnered with Drake Software to offer an online service to allow you to prepare your own tax return. This online service guides you through the process of preparing your taxes by implementing an easy interview format, similar to other do-it-yourself software packages.

NEW! Online, Self-Service Tax Preparation

Just one simple price of $25.

Benefits and Features

Easy: Answer simple questions; get just the forms you need. Multi-State Returns: Add state preparation for one low fee, which includes as many states as you need.
Quick Refunds: With e-filing and direct deposit, you can get your refund as quickly as 8 days. Customer Support: Detailed screen help, with unlimited e-mail support always available.
Free Preview: Finish and preview your return for free. You pay nothing until you file. Comprehensive: Supports all states with income tax, and 80+ federal forms.
Affordable: Federal preparation, printing and e-filing for one great low price. No hidden costs or fees. Security: Your data is protected by SSL encryption

For as little as $25.00, you get

everything - federal, state, and e-filing.

There are no hidden costs or fees. Click on the link

above to start filing your taxes online.